Monday, February 21, 2011

How time flies !!

Can't believe how quick the days go by I feel like I haven't posted in ages which is true over a week now :(:( I have been busy making my commissioned cards and as I'm off for the week as I work in a special needs school I'm hoping to make up some cards and enter some competitions :) I have been making up some flat pack dressers for my Sisters room as she is away skiing this week with her school and I have totally cleared her room out and made it all sparkly and clean hope she appreciates it :) and then it's my best friends Sister's  18th birthday on Friday and I was asked to make the cake so I'm making her a vanilla sponge with pink butter cream and jam filling in the shape of a Chanel handbag with roses and makeup around the base so fingers crossed it turns out okay and that it's edible lol I will take a pic and post it up along with her card that I have yet to make and my friend is 23 on Thursday so I have to make her a nice card and since she loves wine and handbags I got her a gorgeous wine glass etched with handbags I'll see if I can get a pic to show you.
Well that's all for tonight nite xx mandy xxx

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